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21-Aug-2017 19:28

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.We're gonna try something new for our new AIWB/IWB holster. Each holster will come with a claw, soft loops, and a metal spring clip.

It's not quite as smooth out as the Eidolon, however -- the top of the holster seems to provide some drag. Makes for a smooth draw and more importantly, a predictable reholster (if it isn't easy, stop cuz something's fucky). Also, I'm developing a sympathy bump of freshman proportions (growing faster than she is) so I'm very interested to hear what you come up with regarding wedge tech. I REALLY wanted to avoid the RCS claw just because I didn't wanna clone another holster but it's hard to avoid given how well it works. Won't see changes meaningful to the user but production isn't finalized.Wearing good leather for the past two months has spoiled me on the drawstroke, and thus I had to re-acquaint myself with a kydex draw. This has become close to the elusive plastic 5Shot SME I've been working on since the first teaser pic was posted. In the mean time we're making them anyway and treating it as a soft release. They're right handed Glock only so if you're shooting a 19/17 you're in luck. We've got limited ability to allow plastic to flex and a kydex SME exceeds that ability.